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Rev. Dr. Alberta Mendenhall

You and your sweetheart deserve a day that celebrates you, beginning with a ceremony that lets your love shine. With Dr. Mendenhall leading you at the altar, you are promised a service that is truly tailored to you, no matter your needs or budget.  She is passionate about bringing families together through love but knows that there can be a lot of decisions to make during this time. She is happy to assist couples on the road to their big day, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for all. This pro specializes in small weddings, enabling her to pay even closer attention to the details.  You can welcome loved ones to join you in a religious or non-religious wedding ceremony led by Dr. Mendenhall. You and your betrothed can also share your own personalized vows if you wish. Before the time comes to say "I do" there will be an opportunity to rehearse and ensure you are comfortable with the proceedings. Pre-marital counseling is also available to help guide and support you as you begin your next adventure in life.

Working side by side with Dr. Mendenhall comes easy for these two friends of more than 50 years.  Serving as an assistant, Marie is there to take pictures, keep track of Dr. Mendenhall's tools and equipment, she is also there to lend a calm and reassuring spirit to the occasion and to nervous brides.  .  She shares with Dr. Mendenhall, the same commitment and compassion for uniting couples.  Her expertise is informed by her years of service in family and school success programs.  Marie is honored to help couples unite and to have a successful and loving relationship in marriage.

Marie Hewlitt

At the Alter



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